270: Disney Legends Draft

Now that the most recent class of Disney Legends has been named and inducted, we’re taking this opportunity to discuss the Disney Legends whose projects and contributions to The Walt Disney Company have meant the most to us personally. Guest Guy Selga joins us for a Disney Legends Fantasy Draft, in which we each compile a team of ten Disney Legends we want to pay special tribute to. Help us celebrate these outstanding men and women as we discuss the impact they’ve had on the Disney community and Disney history.

Also on this episode, we go “Behind the Magic” of one of our favorite characters, Sonny Eclipse, whose voice actor sadly passed away last month. Plus, we bring back Disney Taglines with a special Hocus Pocus edition, in which we must assign classic quotes from the film to something in the Disney universe.

Be sure to find our guests and their Disney projects online. Let them know you enjoyed hearing them on the show!

Hocus Pocus in Focus by Aaron Wallace

Guy Selga: Twitter / Touring Plans

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102: Quick Service at Deluxe Resorts

In our ongoing series highlighting the quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World, we head to the deluxe resorts to check out eateries like Contempo Cafe, The Mara, and Roaring Fork. We cover every menu item and offer our own reviews and thoughts.

In “Take Five,” we use just five words to share our feelings on topics like Geir Ness and what exactly Sonny Eclipse does during his breaks. Plus, in “The Disney Fix” we discuss Universal Studios’ ticket prices, LEGO Cinderella Castle, and Pete’s Dragon. All that and more awaits you on the latest episode of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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