270: Disney Legends Draft

Now that the most recent class of Disney Legends has been named and inducted, we’re taking this opportunity to discuss the Disney Legends whose projects and contributions to The Walt Disney Company have meant the most to us personally. Guest Guy Selga joins us for a Disney Legends Fantasy Draft, in which we each compile a team of ten Disney Legends we want to pay special tribute to. Help us celebrate these outstanding men and women as we discuss the impact they’ve had on the Disney community and Disney history.

Also on this episode, we go “Behind the Magic” of one of our favorite characters, Sonny Eclipse, whose voice actor sadly passed away last month. Plus, we bring back Disney Taglines with a special Hocus Pocus edition, in which we must assign classic quotes from the film to something in the Disney universe.

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Hocus Pocus in Focus by Aaron Wallace

Guy Selga: Twitter / Touring Plans

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202: Halloween Time at Walt Disney World

Your Hallowishes have come true: Fall has arrived at the Magic Kingdom! Whether you think Halloween in August is a trick or a treat, the fact is Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties have begun, and on this week’s show Mad Chatter Derek, along with special guests Aaron Wallace and Courtney Guth, break down the very first party of the season. With three brand new attraction enhancements, an assortment of fall treats, and a ton of can’t-miss experiences, this year’s party gave us a lot to talk about. Hear our thoughts on episode 202! Plus, we dish on other current happenings at Walt Disney World, including Donald’s Dino-Bash and the brand new Chicken Guy!

In another Mad Chatter game, we test our knowledge of Disney actors and the other well-known characters they have played. And in a twist on the segment Disney Taglines, we assign classic quotes from The Office to various Disney films and attractions. Come join the fun now!

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153: Top 5 Favorite Ways to Take It Easy at WDW + An Inside Look at The Walt Disney Birthplace

This week we’re celebrating Labor Day by sharing our picks for the five best ways to take a break, relax, and rejuvenate at Walt Disney World. From our favorite people-watching spots to the attractions that do the best job of refreshing our bodies and minds, we highlight our favorite ways to take a vacation from your vacation.

Also on this week’s show, we sit down with Brent Young and Dina Benadon, owners and co-founders of The Walt Disney Birthplace project. We chat with them about their efforts to restore Walt’s childhood home, what they hope to achieve with the project, and what visitors can expect to get out of the experience when the project is finished. To find out how you can get involved in this noble effort, be sure to check out!

This episode also includes another round of Disney Taglines, Hollywood Studios rumors, and more. Tune in now!

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131: Mad Q Party

On our latest episode, Stephen Lim (@thedailydisney on Instagram) joins us for another Mad Q Party, our favorite hypothetical extravaganza in which we ask and answer ten off-the-wall questions related to The Walt Disney Company. This week’s edition has us brainstorming ideas for new quick service restaurants, choosing a celebrity to join us for a day in Walt Disney World, overlaying an attraction with a live-action Disney movie, and much more!

In Munch Madness news, we reveal which two restaurants our listeners picked to face off in the championship. (Be sure to place your final vote over on our Munch Madness page!) Plus, in a brand new segment we assign classic film taglines to Disney movies. Come join the fun now on the newest episode of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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