72: Animated Films in the Parks – The 2010s

This week we conclude our series on the movies of Walt Disney Animation Studios and their presence in the parks. As we scour Walt Disney World for signs of Tangled, Frozen, and other hit films of this decade, we also discuss Disney’s overall success in balancing intellectual properties with original attractions and elements in their parks.

In the news this week, we speculate on the closing of Circle of Life in Epcot, hear from Matt about the latest developments in Disney Springs, and get Jeremy’s take on the new Snow White blu-ray. Plus, in “Love Letters to Disney” we present Walt Disney World with romantic Valentines, and we play the sentimental Mad Chatter game “Disney Love Quotes.” Love is in the air on the latest episode of The Mad Chatters Podcast. Tune in now!

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39: Animated Films in the Parks: The 1970s

Nowadays it might be easier to spot a disco ball or jumpsuit than it is to find any signs of the Disney films of the 1970s in Walt Disney World. This week we discuss why movies like Robin Hood, The Aristocats, and The Rescuers have such little presence in the parks . . . and why the classic character Winnie the Pooh has stood the test of time.

In our roundup of the latest Disney news, we talk poop-inspired snacks at Animal Kingdom (really!), Frozen Summer Fun at Hollywood Studios, the latest live-action announcement, and more. Plus, in another round of “It’s the Small Things After All” we gush about our favorite hidden gems in Walt Disney World.

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28: Live-Action Disney Films: Passing Trend or Winning Model?

With Cinderella in theaters and films like The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan on the docket, live-action remakes seem to be Disney’s latest obsession. Is it working? Is it necessary? This week we discuss the live-action remakes, both past and future, and what we think about them. We even do a bit of armchair casting and talk about who we’d like to see in the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie.

To kick off the episode, we review Be Our Guest Restaurant and talk about a few hidden gems at the parks.

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