228: Disney Game Night IV

It’s all fun and games on this week’s episode. No, really! For the fourth year in a row, we’ve brought together a slew of our former guests—members of The Mad Chatters Podcast Universe—to compete in a series of Disney games. Tune in and play along as we laugh, battle, and stumble our way through Disney-themed rounds of Family Feud, Password, Movie Trivia, and more!

This marathon of Disney games would not have been possible without our INCREDIBLE guests. Go check out their social media accounts and the awesome projects they are part of, and let them know you enjoyed hearing them on the show:

Jeff Birou: Instagram: @jeffsoubirous | Twitter: @jeffsoubirous

Marshal Knight: Instagram: @marshalknight | Twitter: @Marshal_Knight

Jeff DePaoli: Podcast: Dizney Coast to Coast | Online Podcasting Course: | Twitter: @JeffDePaoli (personal) @DizneyCTC (podcast) | Instagram: @disneyctc

Guy Selga: Book: Unofficial Guide to Disneyland | Twitter: @guyselga

Jennifer Lapsker: Twitter: @JLap64 | Disney Parks Moms Panel

Courtney Guth: Podcast: Book of the Mouse Club | Twitter: @Courtney_Guth | Instagram: @greatguthsby

Aaron Wallace: Website: | Latest Book: The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom 2020 | Twitter: @aaronwallace | Instagram: @aaronhwallace

Jonathan Harvill: Twitter: @jonathanharvill

Adam Rucker: YouTube Channel: ajruck | Instagram: @ajruck

Matt Parrish: Podcasts: The Thirty20Eight and WEDway Radio | Twitter: Thirty20Eight

Teri Deel: Twitter: @terideel | Instagram: @terideel

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206: The Art of the Disney Parks – Featuring Jerrod Maruyama and Greg Maletic

More than just thrilling attractions, delicious food, and magical experiences, the Disney Parks are home to some incredible works of art, many of them “hidden in plain view,” meaning they often go overlooked despite being an essential element of theming and atmosphere.

On this week’s show, we highlight some of our favorite artists and artistic elements that help bring the parks to life. In a chat with Greg Maletic, we discuss the many attraction posters he has designed for Disney parks throughout the world, and we talk about why these classic pieces of art are so beloved by fans.

Then, we sit down with Jerrod Maruyama to chat about Hipster Mickey as well as his other fantastic creations based on Disney rides and movies, including the brand new collection of Happiest Cruise vinyl figures he created in the style of It’s A Small World.

But that’s not all! Acting as cohost this week, Jennifer Lapsker helps us count down our Top 5 Works of Wall Art at Walt Disney World, from murals to mosaics to hand-painted ice cream carts. Plus, in a round of Armchair Imagineering we each share our own ideas for how our favorite artistic elements at the parks can be turned into merchandise for guests to take home and enjoy. It’s a jam-packed episode full of art and full of heart. Tune in now!

Be sure to find our guests online and let them know how much you enjoyed hearing them on the show!

Jennifer: @JLap64 on Twitter

Greg: @gregmaletic on Twitter | Blog:

Jerrod: @jmaruyama on Twitter and Instagram | Portfolio:

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