265: 50 Years, 50 Milestones – Part 2 (1996-2020)

Last week, to honor The World’s Most Magical Celebration, we highlighted 25 of the biggest moments that brought the vacation kingdom to where it is today, one for each year from 1971-1995. This week we are BACK to wrap up the list and pay tribute to one major milestone from each of Walt Disney World’s most recent 25 years, 1996-2020, and discuss why the impact of each moment is still felt today.

Also on this week’s show, guest Jennifer Lapsker helps us honor the Harmony Barber Shop on its 50th anniversary. We discuss the location’s history, and Jen shares about her personal experience taking her son for his first haircut at the Main Street, U.S.A. location.

In another edition of Armchair Imagineering, we share our ideas for “Fab 50” gold statues that would have directly honored Walt Disney World, rather than characters from the films. See which iconic attractions, characters, and landmarks we think should have made the cut, as well as ones that we know Disney would NEVER make.

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