228: Disney Game Night IV

It’s all fun and games on this week’s episode. No, really! For the fourth year in a row, we’ve brought together a slew of our former guests—members of The Mad Chatters Podcast Universe—to compete in a series of Disney games. Tune in and play along as we laugh, battle, and stumble our way through Disney-themed rounds of Family Feud, Password, Movie Trivia, and more!

This marathon of Disney games would not have been possible without our INCREDIBLE guests. Go check out their social media accounts and the awesome projects they are part of, and let them know you enjoyed hearing them on the show:

Jeff Birou: Instagram: @jeffsoubirous | Twitter: @jeffsoubirous

Marshal Knight: Instagram: @marshalknight | Twitter: @Marshal_Knight

Jeff DePaoli: Podcast: Dizney Coast to Coast | Online Podcasting Course: | Twitter: @JeffDePaoli (personal) @DizneyCTC (podcast) | Instagram: @disneyctc

Guy Selga: Book: Unofficial Guide to Disneyland | Twitter: @guyselga

Jennifer Lapsker: Twitter: @JLap64 | Disney Parks Moms Panel

Courtney Guth: Podcast: Book of the Mouse Club | Twitter: @Courtney_Guth | Instagram: @greatguthsby

Aaron Wallace: Website: | Latest Book: The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom 2020 | Twitter: @aaronwallace | Instagram: @aaronhwallace

Jonathan Harvill: Twitter: @jonathanharvill

Adam Rucker: YouTube Channel: ajruck | Instagram: @ajruck

Matt Parrish: Podcasts: The Thirty20Eight and WEDway Radio | Twitter: Thirty20Eight

Teri Deel: Twitter: @terideel | Instagram: @terideel

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200: Walt Disney World Superlatives

If Walt Disney World had a yearbook, which attractions, characters, hotels, etc. would appear on the Superlatives page? Allow us to suggest some nominees! On this week’s show we present our picks for Walt Disney World’s Best Dressed, Biggest Overachiever, Class Clown, Most Likely to Succeed, and much more!

Plus, special guests Steve and Lisa Griswold of MouseChat join us for a round of Disney Password. Play along as we try to guess Disney-related answers based on one-word clues. And be sure to check out the MouseChat website to learn more about our guests!

And to celebrate 200 episodes, we reflect on our first five shows and chat about how far we’ve come and what some of our favorite memories are.

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150: Disney Game Night

Let the games begin! For our 150th episode we invited tons of special guests to join us for an epic game night, and as we suspected, they all came ready to compete (and entertain). Now it’s your turn to play along! Test your Disney knowledge in games like “What Year Is It?” and Disney Buzzword. Try to beat our contestants to the punch in a round of Disney Password. Then, finish it off by listening to the hilarity ensue in a super-sized round of Match Game. It’s nothing but games this week, so come join the Disney fun now!

We especially want to thank the incredible guests who came out to play this week. If you aren’t already, go follow these terrific ladies and gentlemen online and be a part of the awesome work they do. (Tell them The Mad Chatters sent you.)

Jeff Birou – Twitter: @jetsetter_Jeff / Instagram: @jetsetterjeff

Tom Bricker – Disney reviews and blog posts: Disney Tourist Blog / Twitter: @Tom_Bricker / Instagram: @tom_bricker / Travel blog (Disney and non-Disney): Travel Caffeine

Teri Deel – Twitter: @terideel

Jeff DePaoli – Podcast: Dizney Coast to Coast (and on iTunes) / Twitter: @JeffDePaoli and @DizneyCTC / Instagram: @dizneyctc / Daily Disney Decision on Periscope

Stephen Lim – Instagram: @thedailydisney

Guy Selga – Twitter: @guyselga / Instagram: @guyselgaTouring Plans (writer) / Book: The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland (co-author)

Aaron Wallace – Twitter: @aaronwallace / Instagram: @awallnotawol / Podcast: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod / Books: Hocus Pocus in Focus, The Thinking Fan’s Guide to WDW: Magic Kingdom, The Thinking Fan’s Guide to WDW: Epcot / Website:

Mark Willard – Instagram: @markwillardphotography / Website:

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112: Games! Games! Games!

It’s not all fun and games on The Mad Chatters Podcast…

Except when it is!

This week we’ve invited former guests of the show to put on their thinking caps, bring out their best game faces, and join us for an episode filled with nothing but games. Our Mad Chatter Game Night includes Disneyfied versions of Password, Outburst, $100,000 Pyramid, and Match Game, as well as a challenging round of “Also a Disney Character,” in which we guess the Disney character based on the definition of his or her name. Here’s the best part: You can play along! Come join the fun now!

Thanks to guests Aaron Wallace, Jeff DePaoli, Ben Lancaster, Mark Willard, Brittany Maddox, and Teri Deel for helping us make this episode possible. If you’re not already following these awesome individuals online, what are you waiting for?

Aaron Wallace

Jeff DePaoli

Mark Willard

Ben Lancaster

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80: Top 5 Laugh-Out-Loud Disney Moments

It’s a real chucklefest on this week’s episode as we discuss the Disney movies, scenes, attractions, and more that make us laugh out loud. Adding to the laughter are special guests Teri and Brittany, who help us reminisce and reflect on the funniest moments in the Disney universe, from A-ticket rides in Disney California Adventure to awkward moments in Epcot to scene-stealing characters in Disney’s animated films.

In this week’s Mad Chatter game, Teri and Derek pair up against Matt and Brittany in a game of Disney Password. Plus, in the news this week we mourn (and celebrate) the latest closings at Walt Disney World and the loss of Disney’s COO, Tom Staggs. All that and more awaits you on this week’s episode of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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