255: The Music of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Join us for a musical tour of the Hollywood that never was and always will be: Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Years ago, we launched a series in which we discussed the background music and the original songs that play in each Walt Disney World park. At the time, Disney’s Hollywood Studios was mostly a construction zone, but now that the park has completed its glow-up, we figured it was high time we close out that series and talk about the background loops and original songs in areas like Sunset Boulevard, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and more!

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Also on this week’s show, Jonathan Harvill joins us for a round of Disney Hashtags, in which we access our most juvenile, immature inner selves with the hashtag #MiddleSchoolDisney. Plus, in our Countdown to the 50th, we highlight the WDW opening-day attraction Country Bear Jamboree.

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177: Political Incorrectness and The Walt Disney Company

Remember that time Disney came under attack for something it had produced that was considered culturally insensitive? In truth, Disney has had to address this issue many, MANY times over the last several decades. When you’ve been around for as long as The Walt Disney Company has, it’s almost inevitable that you will run into these kinds of problems as times change and people evolve.

On this week’s episode, we look back at the instances when Disney addressed issues of political incorrectness by changing or removing elements in their properties, including films like Song of the South and Fantasia, as well as attractions at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. We also discuss examples of scenes in Disney movies and rides that are still considered by many to be insensitive, even though they remain unchanged to this day.

In another round of The Disney Fix, we chat about Black Panther, Disney scents in your home, and a BuzzFeed article about outrageous moments that have happened in a Disney park. Plus, in the segment “The Windows of Main Street, U.S.A.,” we take a closer look at Walt’s dad Elias. All that and more on episode 177. Tune in now!

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79: Second Impressions and Beyond

What Disney rides, shows, and other experiences have grown on you over time? That’s the topic up for discussion on this week’s episode. We talk about not only the attractions we’ve come to love, but also the ones we’ve “cooled on” as we’ve come to realize nothing will ever match that first impression.

Also on this week’s show, we turn our attention to attraction facades and share our picks for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Plus, Disney debates return in the segment “You Be the Judge.” Topics include iconic Disney snacks, the return of extinct attractions, and Liberty Square versus New Orleans Square. All that and more awaits you on the latest episode!

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