143: The Art of the Pre-Show

An entire episode about pre-shows? Wait a minute . . . I love that idea!

This week we have an open discussion about attraction pre-shows at Walt Disney World by answering the question, “What qualities do the best pre-shows possess?” We visit rides like Tower of Terror and Soarin’ and characters including Dr. Marsh and Sergeant C4703BK2704-90210, and we give our own take on what makes a pre-show great, which WDW attractions have the best and worst pre-shows, and why pre-shows are important.

Also on this week’s show: Matt and Derek review their recent lunch at Tiffins, we share our thoughts on Cars 3 and the latest Pirates film, and we play “What’s the Score?” in which we try to guess the movie based on the names of individual tracks in that movie’s original score. Come join the fun now!

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