93: Overlay or Over-nay? – Evaluating Disney’s Shoehorning Strategy

What used to be Maelstrom is now Frozen Ever After. The original show Rivers of Light has been put on hold, and a “Jungle Book” show has debuted in its place. Now, rumors are flying that attractions like Mission: SPACE and Tower of Terror will be given “Guardians of the Galaxy” overlays. Is the age of original attractions over?

On this week’s show, we dive in to the topic of Disney overlays and share our thoughts on this latest trend. Then, with our tongues firmly in our cheeks, we each give five ideas for how to either improve or ruin current Walt Disney World attractions by overlaying them with Disney films and characters.

In the segment “Munchies and Merch,” we discuss the food items and merchandise at the parks that have our attention. Plus, we play “Take 5,” a game in which we use just five words to express our feelings on categories such as the weather in July and what the Maelstrom trolls are up to now. A bit of fun and a whole bunch of silliness await on episode 93 of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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