40: “What Used to Be There?” The Gone But Not Forgotten (and Not Totally Gone) Areas of WDW

A deserted island, an overgrown water park, a former showcase of beloved attractions that’s now nothing more than an exhibit hall…

Walt Disney World is home to several buildings and areas that are mere shells of what they used to be. On episode 40, we do a deep dive into these all-but-abandoned parts of the parks, not to mourn what used to be, but to keep guests informed, to celebrate the past, and to talk about the potential future. Areas discussed include the Wonders of Life pavilion, ImageWorks, The Odyssey, and more.

In this week’s round of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, we critique the themed uniforms worn by various Cast Members throughout WDW. Plus, we sound off about our biggest pet peeves in 11-Second Rants.

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