149: Disney’s Skyways and Highways in the Sky

Please stand clear of the doors – The Mad Chatters Podcast will depart momentarily. On this week’s show we’re highlighting three modes of transportation that have strong ties to Disney parks: the skyway, the monorail, and the peoplemover. Not only do all three of these transportation methods offer an above-ground alternative to cars and boats, but they also were all very new to the U.S. when The Walt Disney Company brought them to the parks. On our latest show we look back at the history of these transports, how they revolutionized the Disney parks, and why they mean so much to Disney fans today.

In our latest edition of “The Windows of Main Street,” we honor the life of Disney Legend Marty Sklar, who sadly passed away last week. Plus, we share some of our favorite WDW hidden gems in the segment “It’s the Small Things, After All.” Come join the conversation! (For the comfort of others, no smoking please.)

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