98: Opening Day Attractions – How Untouchable?

Now that Maelstrom has been gone for over a year, Tower of Terror is down to its final few months at Disney California Adventure, and rumors are swirling that Great Movie Ride will be no more by 2018, the question becomes: Is anything safe?

On this week’s show, we list the 16 opening day attractions that are still part of Magic Kingdom, and we rank them on a scale of 1-5 based on how crucial they are to Walt Disney World at large. Which ones are expendable, and which ones, if removed, would completely change the tone of Magic Kingdom?

In another round of Disney Debates, we argue about topics like princess medleys, undesirable jobs at WDW, and restrooms. Plus, we talk with listener Brian, who had the unique opportunity of treating both of his grandmas to a day at Disneyland. Come join the fun now!

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