166: The Music of Epcot

Join us for a musical tour of Epcot! On this week’s show we take a virtual walk-through of Future World and World Showcase, stopping along the way to discuss the background music and original songs you’ll hear in each area. From the classically Epcot loops at The Land Pavilion and Innoventions to the soaring patriotic anthems “Golden Dream” and “Canada (You’re a Lifetime Journey),” we highlight the sounds that make Epcot the park it is.

Also in the category of music, it’s time for another Mad Chatters Playlist. In this week’s edition, we each provide three Disney-related songs we like to listen to at Christmas, including tunes from The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Plus, we review Coco, chat about the latest Pixar scandal, and much more. Tune in now!

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