78: On the Scene With First-Timers

This week we sat down with a few of our listeners who recently visited Walt Disney World for the first time, their minds full of the facts, tips, and recommendations they had heard on our show, and we talked to them about the parts that lived up to their expectations and the elements that surprised them most. While Brittany told us about her extensive planning and when it did and didn’t pay off, Dustin and Emily gave us their take on whether or not nine hours in Magic Kingdom is enough to get a real taste of Disney magic.

In a week full of curious news and crazy rumors, we also discuss some of the topics that had the Disney Twitterverse abuzz, including a fire in Animal Kingdom, a 3-hour event with a $150 price tag, and an overlay for Tower of Terror. Plus, in “Armchair Imagineering” we set our sights on Easter, and in the game “Disney Hashtags” we talk about #LiesDisneyToldMe. The ridiculousness awaits on the latest episode of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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