246: Splash Mountain – The Good, the Bad, and the Satisfactual

For a certain log flume attraction in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, it’s time to be movin’ along. Help us say goodbye to Brer Rabbit and his briar patch as we look back at 31 years of Splash Mountain, its earliest conception, its controversial source material, its status as a Disney icon, and its future as a Princess and the Frog ride.

Also on this week’s episode, Jeremy shares about his experience with the new procedures and practices at Walt Disney World during his visit to Animal Kingdom on its Cast Member Preview day. Plus, in a game called “Disney Springs or Dis-Not Sprung” we try to determine if various stores can or cannot be found at Disney Springs.

Our guest this week is historian and author Andrew Kiste. Check out his books on Amazon or follow him online: @HistTourWdw on Twitter.

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