145: Mad Q Party (With Guest Matt Parrish)

As Rafiki once asked in Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, “ARE YOU READY FOR THE PARTY?!” On this week’s show, guest Matthew Parrish (host of WEDWay Radio and The Thirty20Eight) joins us for another Mad Q Party, in which we answer ten off-the-wall questions about the Disney universe. Our latest hypothetical extravaganza has us dreaming up movie-themed restaurants at the parks, naming our dream podcast guests, and much more!

Also on episode 145, we share our picks for the good, bad, and ugly use of screens at Walt Disney World. Plus, we share a few Disney Confessions and discuss the buzzworthy news surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean. Come join the fun now!

A huge thanks to Matt for joining us this week! Be sure to check out Wedway Radio and The Thirty20Eight on iTunes.

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