71: Countdown to Parkstinction – Disney(‘s) California Adventure: 2001

This week we once again hop in our Time Rovers and take a trip back to the past. This time our destination is 2001, when Disney California Adventure first opened to the public. Joining us for our virtual tour of one of Disney’s most scrutinized parks is Guy Selga (@GuySelga) of Touring Plans. Together we walk the streets of DCA 1.0 and discuss extinct attractions and locations like the Sun Icon, Disney’s Eureka! A California Parade, and the infamous Superstar Limo.

Hot topics on this week’s show include one family’s suit against Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s nine Oscar nominations, and a Guardian article about the “problem” with Disney princesses. Plus, we share our ideas for the hashtag #EdibleDisneySongs. Come join the puns… Or rather, come join the fun on another episode of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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