57: Mad Q Party: Halloween Edition

Our favorite hypothetical extravaganza is back, and this time it’s all things Halloween. We try to plus Halloween Time at Walt Disney World by answering questions like, “If you could hide somewhere in Walt Disney World and scare people, where would you do it?” and, “If you had to add a fall or Halloween ‘twist’ to a classic Disney snack, what would you do?”

In the segment Munchies and Merch, we each share about a fall snack and a spooky piece of merchandise we’d like to get our hands on, and in another Mad Chatter game, Matt and Derek try to match movie quotes with the villains who said them. Plus, the latest news includes a Tower of Terror film and some interesting gourmet hot dogs at Grand Floridian Resort. Lots of creepy fun awaits you on episode 57 of The Mad Chatters Podcast!

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