49: Oh Snap! Photography at the Parks, With Mark Willard

There’s a reason Cinderella Castle is one of the ten most photographed structures on earth. The Disney parks are full of picture-perfect moments and settings. This week we speak to photographer Mark Willard (@MarkWillard85 and @MWillardPhotos) about his favorite spots for taking pictures and the techniques he uses to get that perfect snapshot. After grilling him for tips, we see where he stands on certain Disney World attractions, resorts, and more in the game Frame/Touch Up/Delete.

In a special photography-themed round of My Disney Experience, the Chatters share some of our favorite picture-related moments from our Disney vacations. Plus, we spout off a few 11-Second Rants regarding our biggest pet peeves when it comes to cameras at the parks.

There’s no need to wait for this episode to develop. Zoom in (or rather, tune in) right now!

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