247: Top 10 Film Tie-Ins at Walt Disney World

The Disney theme parks have always been a place where guests can see their favorite films come to life. While not every in-park treatment of a film is wildly inventive or thematically appropriate, every once in a while a Disney park or resort gives life to a film in a way that wows and immerses guests, fits its surroundings perfectly, and does the movie justice. On this week’s episode we’re counting down the Top 10 Film Tie-Ins at Walt Disney World that, for us, do just that. From small props to full-blown stage productions, we have fun talking about our favorite ways in which movies were given new life at WDW. Come hear our picks!

Plus, we go on another trip inside our Time Rovers, this time traveling back to the ABC Super Soap Weekends of the late 90s and early 2000s. Join us as we check out what soap opera fans could experience at these popular events at Disney-MGM Studios.

Our guest this week is our friend and soap-opera expert Albert Gutierrez. Be sure to find him online and let him know you enjoyed hearing him on the show! Twitter: @Escapay | Instagram: @captainescapay | Blog: Alby Seeing You

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