243: 10 Muppetational Moments at Walt Disney World + A Chat With ‘Jim Henson’ Biographer Brian Jay Jones

It’s time to play the music, light the lights, and raise the curtain on our most celebrational, Muppetational episode ever! Join us and guest Jeff DePaoli as we look back at ten big moments the Muppets have had at Walt Disney World, from extinct attractions to long-lived shows to restaurants and more. And here’s a special bonus: This episode is one half of the very first Mad Chatters/Dizney Coast to Coast crossover event! Currently on Jeff’s podcast you can hear Jeff and Jeremy discuss in depth the TV special “The Muppets at Walt Disney World,” which aired on NBC on May 6, 1990, and which kicks off our list of 10 Muppetational Moments.

The Muppet fun doesn’t stop there. Also joining us on this week’s show is biographer Brian Jay Jones, who shares highlights from his book “Jim Henson: The Biography” and talks to us about what it was like researching Jim’s life, reading his journals, and speaking to his family and friends. As we honor the 30th anniversary of Jim’s passing and celebrate the 65th birthday of Kermit the Frog, come soak in all the Muppety goodness now!

Brian Jay Jones Interview: 16:45

10 Muppetational Moments at WDW: 58:52

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