260: Dreaming Up Future World Showcase Pavilions by Studying Disney’s Past

In Epcot’s nearly 40 years of existence, there have been countless rumors and speculations about additional nations being introduced to World Showcase. But in reality, we haven’t seen a new country join the loop since Norway was completed in 1988.

Enter the Mad Chatters. On this week’s episode, guest Courtney Guth helps us dig through The Walt Disney Company’s rich past and its deep ties to other nations of the world as we search for candidates for the next World Showcase pavilion. In the end, we present a list of more than ten nations to which Disney already has a connection, whether that’s because Walt himself visited and fell in love with the country, or it’s because more than one Disney film is set in the country, or it’s because that nation was already conceived as an Epcot pavilion before Imagineers scrapped the idea. Tune in to hear us make a case for each of these countries and present our own ideas for what the pavilion could look like and what rides and/or restaurants could go there.

In another edition of Armchair Imagineering, we shine a spotlight on The Muppets and present our own ideas for who should play Jim Henson in the upcoming biopic, as well as what Disney theme park attraction The Muppets should parody next, after this fall’s highly anticipated special “Muppets Haunted Mansion.”

Plus, we bring back the segment “The Windows of Main Street, U.S.A.” in order to showcase the career of Chuck Boyajian, the very first Manager of Custodial Operations at Disneyland.

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