257: 90s Sitcoms at the Disney Parks

Has there ever been a more magical example of corporate synergy than when our favorite ABC sitcoms filmed episodes at the Disney Parks? On this week’s episode we travel back to the 90s—before DVR and streaming were part of everyone’s vocabulary—and we talk about six episodes of classic 90s sitcoms that take place in Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Join us and our guest Teri Deel as we catch up with Cory and Topanga at The Living Seas, check out Steve Urkel’s latest gadget at Innoventions, watch Danny Tanner get spit on during Aladdin’s Royal Caravan, and much more (0:31:48)!

In this week’s edition of our Countdown to the 50th, we showcase Liberty Square, a land that is unique to Magic Kingdom and that opened just five years before America’s Bicentennial (0:01:50). Plus, we show off our poetry skills in the new segment Madsterpiece Theater (0:29:00)!

If you would like to find and stream the six television episodes we discuss on this show, here is a handy list:

“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men”
Season 3, Episode 19

Full House
“The House Meets the Mouse”
Season 6, Episodes 23-24

Family Matters
“We’re Going to Disney World”
Season 6, Episodes 22-23

“We’re Going to Disney World”/”Disney World War II”
Season 8, Episodes 17-18

Step by Step
“We’re Going to Disney World”: Parts 1 & 2
Season 5, Episodes 22-23

Boy Meets World
“The Happiest Show on Earth”
Season 3, Episode 21

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