248: Top 10 Worst Film Tie-Ins at Walt Disney World

On our last episode we gushed about the best, most creative, and most magical movie tie-ins at Walt Disney World. It seemed only fitting that we follow up that show by sharing our picks for the WORST movie tie-ins at WDW—those times when Disney tried to shoehorn a film into the parks and the end result felt lazy and uninspired or completely missed what the movie and its beloved characters are all about. Join us and our friends J.T. and Melanie from The Disney Buzz as we count down the biggest fails in Disney’s rich history of incorporating movies into Walt Disney World. (Please remember, we do in fact love Walt Disney World, despite the trash talk you might hear on this episode. Our lists reflect times when we *personally* wanted more from the parks. If we slander an attraction you happen to love, please let us know why we’re wrong! In the meantime, please enjoy this episode that is all in good fun.)

But that’s not all! As a nod to The Disney Buzz and its tradition of drinking while podcasting, we also discuss our favorite drinks and places to drink at the Walt Disney World Resort. Plus, we play a game called “Drunk on Disney,” in which players must guess the Disney film based on a beverage-themed line of dialogue. Come play along!

Our guests this week are our friends J.T. and Melanie, cohosts of The Disney Buzz. Be sure to find them online, check out their podcast, and let them know you enjoyed hearing them on the show! Podcast: The Disney Buzz | Instagram: @disbuzz

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