245: Two Disney Parks That Never Were: Riverfront Square and Disney’s America

This week we look back at two fully-realized theme park projects that ultimately never came to be: one developed by Walt and his Imagineers around the time of the 1964 World’s Fair, just before Walt Disney World began construction in Florida, and the other dreamed up by Michael Eisner and company during the Disney Renaissance of the early 1990s. Join us and guest Courtney Guth as we talk about the Riverfront Square project in St. Louis and Disney’s America theme park in Washington, D.C., the attractions and experiences that were to be included at these locations, and why they ultimately failed.

Plus, we travel back to the summer of 2010 to talk about what guests might have experienced during the Summer Nightastic limited-time celebration. We also go “Behind the Magic” of the Norway Pavilion in Epcot by talking about our favorite details and things to see at this World Showcase nation on its 32 anniversary. Buckle up, history nerds. This time-hopping episode is for you!

Be sure to find Courtney online and let her know you enjoyed hearing her on the show: Podcast: Book of the Mouse Club | Twitter: @Courtney_Guth | Instagram: @greatguthsby

If you’d like to see concept art for Disney’s America, you can find a high-resolution brochure HERE.

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