244: Every Disney Song in 18 Categories

On May 18, Justin McElroy (@j_mcelroy) created a stir on Twitter when he described what he deemed to be the 18 types of songs that make up the Disney songbook. According to him, every song in the history of Disney animated movies fits one of these types. On this episode, we’re joined by Blake Taylor as we dissect the 18 categories Justin came up with, share our thoughts, and have a general discussion about the Disney songs we believe are the most successful and/or impactful. If you’d like to follow along, you can see the original thread here or read the list below:

  1. This Is the Movie
  2. I Want
  3. I’m the Villain
  4. We Should Bone
  5. Cheer Up, Kid
  6. Here’s My Deal
  7. Here’s Our Deal
  8. Here’s Their Deal
  9. Things Will Be Okay
  10. It’s Dancing Time!
  11. Montage
  12. Package Movie Shorts
  13. We Won!
  14. It’s Nature Time
  15. Here’s a One-Note Character
  16. The Drug Song
  17. Life Lesson Time
  18. Problematic

PLUS – In keeping with the music theme, we each share three ideas for Disney songs we’d like to hear covered and which popular artists we’d like to hear cover them. We also play a round of “Where in Walt Disney World Am I?” Come join the fun now!

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