242: 12 Quotes We Love About the Disney Parks

What makes the Disney Parks so special? What’s the reason so many of us are longing for the day when the parks can safely reopen? On this week’s show we set out to answer those questions, but instead of expressing ourselves using our own words, we take a look at 12 quotes we love from men and women throughout history who also appreciated the magic of the Disney Parks. Come get sappy with us as we read what Walt and others had to say about the most magical places on earth and then look at those words through the lens of 2020.

Also on this week’s show, we think about the animals that still call Walt Disney World home, and we share our picks for the good, bad, and ugly animal encounters. Plus, we bring back the segment “It’s the Small Things After All,” in which we each list the small details and experiences at WDW we’d LOVE to have in our lives right now. Tune in for one of our most sentimental episodes ever!

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