238: Chatting Runaway Railway With Composer Chris Willis + A ‘Rise of the Resistance’ Deep Dive

We’re back! And so is composer Christopher Willis, who created the soundtrack and the original song for the upcoming attraction Mickey and Minnie‘s Runaway Railway. Now that the ride is just weeks away from opening, we checked back in with Chris to hear more about the Imagineering process, the new Mickey cartoon coming to the Mickey Shorts Theater in Hollywood Studios, and more!

Also on this episode, guest Teri Deel helps us break down Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance with a spoiler-filled review of the groundbreaking attraction. We nerd out about the amazing details, our favorite moments, and more. Plus, we talk about the three new films at Epcot and we compete in a Mad Chatter game by trying to guess what a number of Disney items have in common. Come join the fun NOW!

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