236: The Sixth Annual Chatties

It’s time to pop the bubbly and roll out the red carpet as we honor 2019’s biggest moments: the highs and lows, the hits and misses, the surprises, the changes, and much more! Join us for the sixth annual Chatties, our special awards show that celebrates (and bemoans) the moments that most defined 2019. Special guest Marshal Knight helps us bestow honors on the Best Addition to Walt Disney World, the Biggest Surprise, the Weirdest Moment, and more. Help us ring in the new year with our 2019 wrap-up!

Also on this week’s show, we put together a Mad Chatters Playlist featuring our favorite songs and anthems that either debuted during the past year or in some way sum it up. Plus, we look ahead to 2020 by sharing some New Year’s resolutions we hope The Walt Disney Company will make for itself in the coming months.

Thanks for making this another fantastic year of podcasting for us. We are so grateful for every single one of our listeners—for your support, your encouragement, your willingness to laugh with us, and your shared love of all things Disney. We don’t take the love for granted, and we’re so excited to bring you more content in 2020.

Be sure to find Marshal on Twitter (@Marshal_Knight) and Instagram (@marshalknight) and let him know you enjoyed hearing him on the show! And if you want more Marshal material, check out his recaps of Disney+ series and more on

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