226: Space Travel and The Walt Disney Company

50 years ago a manned space shuttle touched down on the moon for the first time. But 15 years before that giant leap for mankind, Walt Disney was already working with scientists and engineers in order to communicate to the general public that space travel was not just science fiction; it was a possible reality. On this week’s episode we trace The Walt Disney Company’s connections with space travel, beginning with three documentary shorts produced by the company in the 50s, and ending with a closer look at the many space-themed attractions that have made their way to the Disney parks over the years. Plus, in a round of Armchair Imagineering we share our own ideas for how space can play a role at the parks moving forward.

In another edition of The Windows of Main Street, U.S.A., we look at the contributions of John Hench, who designed a lot of opening-day Tomorrowland at Disneyland. We also share a few bizarre stories from our adventures in WDW in the segment “Did That Just Happen?” Tune in now!

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