205: Disney Storytelling: Our Favorite Stories Created for WDW Experiences

Did you know Albert Falls, the founder of the famous Schweitzer Falls featured in Jungle Cruise, had a granddaughter who turned his home into a restaurant for hungry travelers, and that the restaurant is the very Skipper Canteen that’s located in the Magic Kingdom? Or were you aware that the Tree of Life was planted by an ant who wished for a tree that would provide shelter for his animal friends?

Disney Imagineers are known for crafting detailed stories around almost everything they create for the Disney parks, and on this week’s show we take a closer look at some of those stories, from the real identity of Mama Melrose to the mysterious Society of Explorers and Adventurers and beyond!

Also on episode 205, guest Jonathan Harvill joins us for a round of Mad Chatter Jeopardy, in which we provide silly questions for even sillier answers. Plus, we play “Cast That Celebrity” by assigning random actors and actresses to Disney roles. Come join the conversation now!

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