134: Hot Topics and Rumors

Does Star Wars Land belong in Disneyland? Will Walt Disney World get its own Club 33? What in the world is happening at Epcot? These are some of the hot topics being discussed within the Disney community, and this week we want to get in on the conversation. Join us as we address these issues and other rumors that have Disney fans buzzing, talking, and debating, including updates on WDW’s rumored gondola system and talk of a contract between Disney and Apple.

In this week’s “Disney Fix,” we chat about the 25th anniversary celebrations that took place in Disneyland Paris, a 1962 film that was shot in Disneyland, and the new virtual queue systems being introduced at Orlando’s theme parks. Plus, we create another Mad Chatters Playlist, this time choosing our favorite non-Disney songs that are featured in Walt Disney World.

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