06: Mad Q Party – 10 “What If” Questions Worth Chatting About

On Episode 6 of The Mad Chatters Podcast, we host our first Mad Q Party, in which we answer ten “what if” questions related to Disney parks and movies. Anything goes as we put ourselves in the shoes of Disney Imagineers, filmmakers, cast members, and the richest of Disney vacationers. We also continue our series, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, by focusing on Animal Kingdom’s Asia. Plus, we share a few personal stories from our time at the parks that made us ask, “Did that just happen?”

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3 thoughts on “06: Mad Q Party – 10 “What If” Questions Worth Chatting About

  1. Perhaps to help Derek’s idea of overlaying Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster– Play ‘Granny got run over by a reindeer.’ I think that would totally fit and help draw an under served segment of Disney enthusiasts, the rednecks.


    • Derek says:

      I love that, Jamie. What with that, the passed-out Santa in the alley, and the removal of Aerosmith, we’re really turning this into a classy attraction.


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