My Disney Experience: Photo Proof

On this week’s podcast, we introduced a segment called My Disney Experience, in which we each shared about a moment or experience that made a Disney trip extra special. Here, in picture form, are some of the memories we mentioned.

Like the swing where Matt proposed . . .

Matt Engagement SwingAnd the phone call he made to his mom just after he received the “yes” he was looking for. (Notice the not-so-subtle backpack that almost ruined the surprise.)

Matt Engagement Calling Mom
The happy couple!

Matt and Jessica Engagement

Elsewhere in the world of engagements, Drizella made me her honorary fiancé and started the wedding dance early.

.Then, in a scandalous move, she took Jeremy for a spin too.

We’ll duke it out later, Jer.

On second thought, she’s all yours.

As far as Mr. Splash Mountain goes . . . Wherever you are, sir, you will not be forgotten! The Mad Chatters thank you for your service, your kindness, and especially your cast member privileges.


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